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Sunday June 16th. 2013
Spean Bridge Reader: Ellem Gordon Prayers: David MacFarlane Euhc. Mins; Liz Campbell,Moira Coutts
Roy Bridge Readers : Ishbel Campbell, Margaret Sargent. Prayers: Rory MacDonald Euch Mins: Nilda Hawke, Lorna MacGregor, Colleen Porter.
Rota June 22nd. – June 23rd.
Lochaber Music School end of term Summer Concert today, Sunday June16th,  at  Kilmallie Hall at 2.30 p.m. The Kilmallie Hallwill host Lochaber Music School's eagerly awaited Summer Family Concert. With children as young as 6 months taking part, this event certainly seems set to be lively! Lochaber Music School has for many years been running classes forand their mums.year, nearly forty-school children have School's weekly'Exploring Music' and 'Sound Start' programmes- and many of them will be keenly demonstrating their progressSunday's concert. Led by Clare Reynolds and Deirdre MacDonald, the classesthe first rungs of a musical ladder the children will surely enjoy climbing during the coming years. Interested parents ofyoungare urged to take this rareof seeing at first hand just how effective such an early musical education can be, not leasthelping the all-round development of their children . There will be lots of music and fun and games afterwards, with lots of stalls to raise funds for the Music School. If you are free, do come along and support a very worthy cause.
Marie-Ann Campbell Marie-Ann had surgery in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on Wednesday, and thankfully the news of her recovery is excellent, and the operation appears to have been very successful. Mass was said for her on Wednesday morning, and Bishop Toal also remembered her in his Mass in St. Margaret's on Friday. We look forward to hearing further news of her progress and we hope it may not be long until she is back home to convalesce at Alt Mor.  In the meantime, we keep Marie- Ann very close in our masses and prayers. Cille Choirill Mass in a fortnight’s time, June 30th, at 3 p.m. There will be Mass in Cille Choirill on the day following the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, June 30th. I would be grateful if parishioners would let their relations and friends who live at  distance know about the Mass. I will notify Mgr MacKinnon and Fr MacAulay about the Mass as there is always a good number come from Fort William and Caol who have relatives at rest in Cille Choirill. Summer Solstice - June 21st, longest day  After Friday,  we are heading back to winter! Although we have had some good days, we are still waiting anxiously for a nice prolonged period of sunshine to warm us up. Let’s hope we may still have to get our top factor number sun tan cream to prevent sunburn!
Left: Joe Smith enjoying the fresh sea breeze on the Iona ferry.
Right: Sunset over Oban Bay — the end of a perfect day after the Cathedral Mass
Right: More familiar pilgrims at Iona Abbey
Left: Mass in Iona Abbey