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Sunday July 7th. 2013
Spean Bridge Reader: Alison MacIntosh Prayers: Faith MacIntosh Euch. Mins.  Liz Campbell, Moira Coutts
Roy Bridge: Readers: Catrina MacDonald  Isbel Campbell Prayers; Lorna MacGregor Euch Mins: Rory MacDonald  Nilda Hawke Richard Sidgwick
Rota July 13th. – July 14th.
Janet Jones Janet had been unwell some time, and last year she had major surgery in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. She was very much in our masses and  prayers during that period, but she seemed to have made a good recovery. I was aware, as were most others in the parish, that poor Janet had to return to the Infirmary for further surgery as there were still problems from her first operation; but what I and others were unaware of was that  Janet has been kept in hospital  since Easter for prolonged treatment!  This has  come as a great shock, for we thought Janet was convalescing at home while all the time she was still a patient in hospital! Recently she was moved to an adjoining hospice,  but decided that she wished to return home, and she will be back with her husband and her two young children this weekend. Ken and Tina have also been very much in the prayers and thoughts of all our parishioners and their many friends, as they have had such  anxiety over the health of both their daughters, Janet and Catherine. We will keep Janet constantly in our prayers, and have placed her in the care of St. Mary MacKillop that her prayers in heaven may obtain the healing for both sisters for which we will all fervently pray.
Janet’s two children, Charlie and Logan
Congratulations to Donnie MacDonald   Donnie MacDonald Chapelwood, Roy Bridge, has just graduated with MA(Hons) in Economics and Business Law from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. The MA in Economics and Business Law provide students with skills that are necessary for an understanding of economic and legal theories, but can  be applied in many other situations. As a result, graduates are able to embark upon successful careers in banking, finance, the civil service and a wide range of legal and management roles. We wish Donnie every success for the future and congratulate him on his well- earned degree. It is so good and to see young people in our parish making such a positive step in their careers and the encouragement given to them by their parents. A lot of credit must also go to our local primary school in Roy Bridge which has done so much over the years to prepare and encourage the pupils to develop their talents and go forward to higher education.