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Sunday July 28th. 2013
World Youth Rally Pope Francis is in Rio, Brazil, where over a million youths from all over the world are there to welcome him and share in a week of  prayer and commitment to serve Christ more faithfully in a world that is becoming ever more devoid of Christ . Scottish Youths Because of the expense of travelling to Brazil for the rally, hundreds of our youths have gathered together  in Stirling this week from all the Scottish dioceses to unite themselves in spirit and in payer with the world youths in Rio. There will be live television links of the Holy Father’s masses and his homilies, and Bishop Toal, representing the Scottish Hierarchy,  joined them on Saturday morning to say Mass and to address the young people and ask them to renew their commitment to Christ.
Pope Francis at the shrine of Our Lady Pope Francis, received a rapturous welcome in Brazil, and urged young people to shun the  idols of money and pleasure, and cherish traditional values to help build a better world.     Thousands packed  the  Basilica of the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, tucked into an agricultural region of  fields halfway between Rio and Sao Paulo, and tens of thousands more braved a cold rain outside to catch a glimpse of the first pope from the Americas returning to a shrine which has a  great personal meaning for him.     Before the Mass, Francis stood in silent prayer before the 15-inch-tall image of the Virgin of Aparecida, the Black Virgin, with tears in his eyes. It was a deeply personal moment for Pope Francis, because previously, with all the bishops of South America, he has entrusted Latin America to the Virgin Mary for whom Catholics in Latin America also have a great devotion.  Francis urged Brazilians to keep the Christian values of faith, generosity and fraternity - a message he repeated later in the day during a visit to a drug rehabilitation centre in Rio de Janeiro. He urged the countries of South America to declare war on drugs    "It is true that nowadays so many, including our young people, feel attracted by the many material idols which take the place of God and appear to offer hope," he said. "Often a growing sense of loneliness and emptiness in the hearts of many people leads them to seek satisfaction in these idols. The Pentecostal churches have gained many converts by offering material attractions and new religious ideas, and Pope Francis gently reminded the people of the spiritual richness of their own Catholic faith which surpasses all these things,  He later walked through  a shanty town close by to be with its people and bless their sick, and he also visited a drug rehabilitation centre.
Thousands of youths carry a cross to welcome Pope Francis
Pope Francis tearfully kisses the statue of the Virgin of Aparecida, the Black Madonna, patroness of Brazil.