Charity registration No. SC002876  
Sunday July 21st. 2013
Spean: Reader: Liz Campbell Prayers: Ellen Gordon Euch. Mins.  David MacFarlane, Moira Coutts
Roy Bridge: Readers: Val MacDonald,  Richard Sidgwick Prayers; Ishbel Campbell Euch Mins: Helen MacDonald,  Loerna MacGeregor,  Colleen Porter
Rota July 27th. – July 28th.
Mary of Magdala’s feast day on Monday    Mary of Magdala has been called the second-most important woman in the Gospels after Mary the Mother of Jesus. She travelled with Jesus as one of his followers. She was present at Jesus' two most important moments: the crucifixion and the resurrection. In the Gospels, she is named at least 12 times, more than most of the apostles. The Gospels describe her as courageous and brave enough to stand by Jesus in his hours of suffering, death and beyond. When Jesus was crucified, Mary Magdalene was there supporting him in his final terrifying moments and mourning his death.  She stayed with him at the foot of the cross after the  disciples (except  John the beloved) had fled. She was at his burial, and she is the only person to be listed in all four Gospels as first to realize that Jesus had risen and  to see him after his Resurrection.  Mary the sinner Yet, Mary’s life, according to legend, was not always like this. After her parents’ death, she took her wealthy inheritance and abandoned herself  to pleasures and an extravagant life-style, frequenting the lax court of Herod
Antipas where she found lovers and threw public opinion to the winds. She became known as an object of scandal, and travellers from the East selling precious perfumes and ointments knew her well as she spent lavishly on their goods which made her more attractive. She  was known to be a to be a high class prostitute and was paid handsomely for her services. How did this women ever come to know Jesus? Like so many others, she may have gone out of curiosity to see and hear him. She did not as yet realise that it was God's grace that was drawing her to Him. The words she heard that day were meant specially for her, and once the grace of God stirred in her soul, her conversion was immediate. Her head sank beneath the weight of shame and repentance. Tears poured down her cheeks. Her heart was conquered. She knew she was unworthy, but she wanted to see Jesus again to be assured of his forgiveness. She was afraid to approach him, but her pure, perfect love helped her make a bold decision to make a public repentance.  Our Lord had accepted an invitation to dine with the rich Pharisee, Simon, and the house was filled with respected guests. Mary Magdala made her way through the gathering, and coming up to Jesus fell at his feet. Despite the attention she attracted, and Simon was appalled that this woman should mix with his guests, she threw herself at the feet of Jesus, and with her tears, began to wash them; she dried them with her long hair, and then respectfully kissed them his feet. Lastly, she opened an alabaster box and anointed his feet with costly perfume. The scent filled the whole house. It was the very symbol of her soul,now opened to God, and filled with the perfume of his grace. Our Lord spoke and said to her: “Mary you have sinned much, and your sins are forgiven. Go in peace.” She rose from the feet of Christ, a changed woman, indeed, a saint! This is the love and forgiveness of God that we can all expect, whatever our sins, if , like Mary of Magdala , we have the humility to seek his mercy in the confessional.
The final total for our Parish Gift Aid this year comes to over £3,700! This gift to the parish comes from tax already paid to the Inland Revenue by our parishioners.
I wish to thank most sincerely our parishioners who very kindly agreed to sign a Gift Aid form. This allows the parish to  claim 25% of the tax you have already paid on what you give each Sunday in the offertory collection, or other gifts. It is so easy, and the Inland Revenue are not involved for they leave the integrity of the scheme to  treasurers in the various diocese. If you pay tax on your income or bank account, all you have to do is sign a  Gift Aid form, and leave the rest to us. This is what over 50 people in our parish have done, and the result is, as you can see — £3,700!  May God bless you for your goodness.
If you pay income tax, and have not signed a Gift Form, you are throwing away good money which the Inland Revenue has allocated to the church. Come in today and sign a form-it takes only a minute - and the Church will benefit from your tax.