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Sunday July 21st. 2013
hope you enjoy reading the parish Sunday Bulletin each weekend, and now that it is printed in colour, it looks more attractive. I hope also you find the articles interesting and instructive, especially the articles about the faith, for that is part of the object of the Bulletin. This week the article on the front page is about  the parents of Our Lady, written by a nun  in Canada, and reminds us that they were also the grandparents of the Mother of God—a role model for all grandparents It is not always easy to keep the four pages full each week, and I am grateful for any local news of interest that parishioners wish to pass on. There are lots of people with Roy Bridge connections who regularly read the Bulletin online which keeps them up to date with life in our parish, and it also gets round the world! I am truly grateful to Bill Priest, Bunlossit, Roy Bridge, who puts the Bulletin on the internet each Saturday as soon as he receives it from me. Sometimes, I have to phone Bill, who lives nearby, because of some technical problem that has arisen. He is always more than willing to come and sort all any difficulties  I may have.  If it was not for Bill’s expertise there would be some weeks without the Bulletin! For several years, the Bulletin was printed by a Fort William printer’s firm on Friday afternoons, but now I print it myself and can  include  items that occur on Saturdays.
Producing the Bulletin The Bulletin, like every paper or magazine printed in colour, is costly to produce. Thanks to your  appreciation of the weekly, and  kindness and generous support, I am able to meet the expenses. However, this is due to the collection we have for the Bulletin once every three months. The Xeros company charges 6p per copy for one side in colour and the other black and white. This goes up to 12p per copy for both sides in colour, which I use for special occasions. And, of course, there is the good quality paper to pay for.  I print approximately 100 copies per week for our three churches. Over a period of three months, you will have received twelve copies of the Bulletin. Collection next Weekend for the Bulletin Although there are special collections each month, they go either to charities or to the diocese—none are for the parish. The only collection we ever have for the parish is for the Bulletin. I  ask you next weekend to help me meet the expenses of producing the weekly colour Bulletin by your generous response to the special collection. Thank you in advance,                 Fr Tom
Pilgrims from the shrine of St. James of  Compostella to visit Roy Bridge on Friday Spanish pilgrims from Compostella in Spain are visiting shrines in Scotland, and have invited Bishop Toal to accompany them to Iona. Bishop Joseph suggested they might also wish to come to Roy Bridge to visit the shrine in honour St. Mary MacKillop, and they readily agreed. There are about 45 pilgrims, travelling by bus,  and they hope to be at Roy Bridge Hall on Friday between 5 and 6 p.m., and  they wish to invite our parishioners to share the food they have brought with them. Perhaps, we could find a few volunteers to set up tables and put on the boiler to provide tea  for the pilgrims.  If you would like to help, please let me know as soon  as possible. Bishop’s Fund Collection comes to £400 Bishop Toal is very grateful to our parishioners for their generous response to the Bishop’s Fund. The Bishop has no personal income to meet his expenses in running the diocese. This Fund provides for the heating and lighting of the bishop’s house, his food, his office expenditure and his travelling  around the diocese to visit the parishes and administer the sacrament of confirmation. Our bishop is now the second senior bishop in the Scottish Hierarchy and this makes many demand on his time and energy. He now has the extra responsibility of administrator of the Motherwell diocese since Bishop Devine’s retirement was accepted by the  Holy Father.  The liturgy includes a prayer for the local bishop at every Mass, but we will also keep Bishop Joseph very much in our own personal prayers.
Church of St. James, Compostella, where pilgrims from all over the world arrive after walking  from traditional starting points in France and Spain