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Sunday July 14th. 2013
Baptism of George  James  Josey MacRae
We welcome the son of Donnie and Shelley into the Church, the body of Christ, as it newest member in our parish. Last Sunday was a very joyful occasion when seventy relations and friends gathered in St. Margaret's for the baptism of George James Josey MacRae. It was a great joy for the grandparents, but especially such a happy occasion for Marion MacRae as the baby is her great-grandson and is also called after her late husband, George.
The godparents were Christopher MacRae and Ashleigh Cummins  Donnie is working on an oilrig off the coast of Brazil, so he had to make sure of his travel arrangements to be back in good time for the christening.  May God bless George, James, Josey and the angels protect him. He has already brought so much happiness into the lives of  his parents and all his extended family.
The happy couple, Fiona and Brian
Brian and Fiona MacKinnon and  Janet and Donnie Cameron
Wedding congratulations... to Brian MacKinnon and Fiona Cameron who were married  in the Roy Bridge parish by Fr. Roddy MacAulay assisted by the Rev. Chris. MacRae and Fr Tom