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Sunday July 14th. 2013
Spean Bridge: Reader: Liz Campbell Prayers: Ellen Gordon Euch. Mins.  David MacFarlane, Moira Coutts
Roy Bridge: Readers: Val MacDonald,  Richard Sidgwick Prayers; Ishbel Campbell Euch Mins: Helen MacDonald,  Lorna MacGeregor,  Colleen Porter
Visit of Australian Bishops
Roy Bridge had a visit last weekend from Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne and Bishop Peter Thomson of Sandhurst, guests of Bishop Joseph. When Bishop Toal visited Australia as the Scottish Hierarchy's representative on the International Liturgical Committee, he was befriended  by both Archbishop Hart and Bishop Thomson,  and he returned the compliment when they arrived in Scotland ten days ago. They saw our country at its very best in glorious sunshine, and visited Cille Choirill and the Mass Stone at Bohuntine. They stayed overnight at the Chapel House and said Mass in St. Margaret's with Bishop Joseph on Monday morning before departing for Oban. Bishop Joseph also took them to visit Sister Joan and Sister Diane, the new nuns at Caol, who had a great surprise at  receiving so soon a visit from two Australian Bishops! Their great interest in Roy Bridge and Fort William was the connection with St. Mary MacKillop’s parents and the faith of the Highlands whch they brought with them to Australia.
Unwelcome visitor to open-air ordination service in Kenya Our recent ordination service in Oban was very beautiful and went without incident. However, things can be quite different in Africa. The monthly magazine, Africa,  which is produced by the St. Patrick missionaries, tells of an ordination in one of their missions.  It's not at every ordination that you have to  kill a snake between the first reading and the  responsorial psalm, but that's what happened on March 16th, 2013 under the trees of Turkwell Parish in the Turkana Desert of Kenya. The first St Patrick's priest from the Turkana tribe, appropriately named Patrick Kirien Esekon, was waiting beside the open-air altar to be ordained while his tribesmen quickly dispatched the poor creature, no doubt inspired by pictures they had seen of St Patrick himself sending the snakes out of Ireland to their watery grave. Life does tend to make these connections. Killing snakes isn't really such an extraordinary occurrence here, and so not one line of the responsorial psalm was missed while the deed was done!
Tom Wilson, grandson of Joe and Ishbel Wilson, who recently made his First Holy Communion in Corpus Christi Church,  Christchurch, Dorset.
Archbishop Hart of Melbourne and Bishop Thomson of Sandhurst, relaxing on their visit to Scotland.
Rota July 21st.