Sunday January 6th. 2013 Charity registration No. SC002876   Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Main Menu Parish web site: Saint Mary MacKillop website: Weekly Bulletin On line: Parish priest: Fr. Tom Wynne. Tel/Fax: 01397-712238  Mobile: 07879297420  Year of Faith Pope Benedict has declared this year a Year of Faith when every Catholic should try to increase their knowledge of the faith so as to have a deeper understanding of God’s love for us and also of the teaching of the Church. Perhaps, the Sunday homilies can be used occasionally to explain some of the wonderful encyclicals of both the late Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict, and copies of these will also be made available for our parishioners. A new Illustrated Catechism has been published by the Redemp- torist Publications, and I am certain it would be a very useful aid to  any Catholic, or any other person,  who wishes to increase their knowledge of the Catholic Faith.  It is entitled  Faith for the future  and costs £12.  It is beautifully illustrated in colour, and is divided into four parts:  Part 1: Faith of the Church.  Part 2: Celebrating the presence of Christ.  Part 3: Life in Christ. and Part 4: Prayer There is also a very useful supplement  of  The Church in History, The Church at prayer and The Law of the Church. I intend to purchase a few copies of the book so that parishioners may examine them. There will be an order form at the back of the church should anyone wish to obtain a copy. It will make great winter evenings’ reading, will inform you in an attractive way about the faith—and will be £12 well spent! Home for New Year from Tokyo Hoddie Campbell and his wife, Emi, arrived from Tokyo last week to be reunited with family and friends at Spean Bridge over the festive period. Hoddie has been working  as a computer expert in Tokyo for the past ten years, and he met Emi shortly after he arrived and was searching on the internet for someone to help him learn Japanese. Not only did he find a teacher, but he also found a lovely and highly intelligent wife. Emi had worked for some time in London and speaks perfect English. Thanks to her efforts, and Hoddie’s own determination, he is now exceptionally fluent in Japanese, so much so that at home they converse most of the time in  Japanese. Hoddie’s gift for creating and devising new computer games is quite fantastic and he is now a very valuable member of the company, and has recently been promoted to a senior post in the firm.  New computer games are the most important sales items for the company, and there is always great competition to be ahead of rival firms. Emi works in Income Tax, and her main form of relaxation is playing the piano. She has a renowned Japanese tutor in Tokyo, has made excellent progress and is now a very fine pianist of classical music. I introduced her to our  organ at St.  Margaret’s three years ago on one of her visits, and this week she  gave me a magnificent  recital of Bach’s Preludes, and Fugues,  played so beautifully and professionally. Should  they be transferred from Tokyo, as is possible, and are close to a Catholic church,   I am sure her skill as an organist would be welcomed by any parish priest. for she excels now as an organist as well as a pianist. We wish Hoddie and Emi a safe return journey to Tokyo, and we do hope and pray that Hoddie’s transfer will be assured. Bon Voyage!