Sunday January 27th. 2013 Charity registration No. SC002876   Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Main Menu Bishops Conference of Scotland Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service Why do we ask our clergy, members of religious congregations, church workers and volunteers to apply for a Disclosure check? (This notice must be announced at Mass, or in the church bulletin, at the beginning of each year to inform parishioners of the Scottish Hierarchy’s intent to safeguard children and vulnerable adults from abuse)   The Protection of Children (Scotland) Act   (explained by Jackie Craig, National Co-ordinator)                Since the introduction of The Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2008 (PoCSA) many questions and concerns have been raised relating to the Disclosure process.  As the National Co-ordinator for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults, I will attempt to answer the kind of questions that people are asking. As you know, the Catholic Church is committed to doing everything possible to ensure children, young people and vulnerable adults are kept safe from harm.The single most important responsibility to be undertaken is to ensure that anyone placed in a position of trust within the Church whether paid or otherwise, which gives them direct access to children or vulnerable adults, is selected with the utmost care. The recruitment, selection and on- going support of both volunteers and paid employees to work with children and/or with vulnerable adults, whether undertaken locally or at diocesan level, requires rigorous recruitment, selection and monitoring practices. The establishment of Disclosure Scotland creates a much improved opportunity for ‘police checks’ to form part of this process.It will not replace any other aspect of normal recruitment practices.  The Disclosure will come as part of an entire recruitment strategy. Our parishioners who volunteer to take children for catechism, and our Eucharistic Ministers who bring communion to vulnerable adults, all have to sign a Disclosure Form in the presence of an approved diocesan representative to assure that they are trustworthy. These details are then forwarded to the police who retain them in their files. The Scottish Hierarchy has appointed Jackie McCaig as the National Coordinator whose duty it is to connect with every parish in Scotland to assure that the priests and  laity are well informed of how seriously the Church regards this, and insists that each parish advertises this and makes its annual returns. The Central Registered Body in Scotland (CRBS) has been established by the Government to provide free Disclosures for volunteers in the voluntary sector who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults and that the CRBS acts on behalf of the voluntary sector to process Disclosure applications. In the present climate a new culture of professionalism and transparency is required of us. Anniversaries We remember in our prayers this weekend those whose anniversaries are at this time: Elsa MacFarlane, for whom Mass was said on Tuesday, and Willie MacKintosh, for whom Mass will be said on Monday. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord Spean Bridge:                          Reader: Lindsay Simpson Prayers: Helen Nicolson Euch. Mins: Liz Campbell, Moira Coutts Roy Bridge: Readers: Helena Rose, Ann MacKintosh Prayers: Lorna MacGregor Euch Mins: Catrina MacDonald, Nilda Hawke, Margaret Sargent Rota February 2nd. – February 3rd.