Sunday January 13th. 2013 Charity registration No. SC002876   Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Main Menu Parish web site: Saint Mary MacKillop website: Weekly Bulletin On line: Parish priest: Fr. Tom Wynne. Tel/Fax: 01397-712238  Mobile: 07879297420  When Nilda Hawke was visiting her homeland of Portugal last year, she and her friend, Manuela, made a pilgrimage to Fatima, She saw in a shop there this magnificent  scene of the Last Supper, and what made it so special and attractive was that the figures were in base relief, standing out from the frame. It is truly a work of art and is so real, so colourful  and alive looking, that you feel you can almost imagine the Apostles talking to Our Lord and to each other. The details of each figure are quite outstanding, and the paschal meal laid out on the table  is also perfect in every detail. It is quite a large picture and takes up a good part of the dining room wall, and is a so beautiful that it is difficult to stop looking at it  for it recalls so vividly the gospel of the Last Supper.  It was solemnly blessed, and may its presence bring God’s blessing on Nilda’s home and an increased love of the Eucharist to all who look at it. We welcome Manuela Costa, Nilda’s close and very dear friend, who comes over from Portugal frequently at Christmas to visit her and Sarah, and whom we see regularly at Mass.  Manuela worked in England for some time as a young girl,  then was employed in Portugal by an international company for many years which required English speakers, so she is a very fluent in English She has a son and two daughters, all married, and is blessed with three grandchildren. Manuela returns to Portugal on Thursday, and we wish her a safe and comfortable flight, and look forward to her next visit. Boa viagem! During the week, I had a visit from an Australian, John Fergusson and his twelve –year old daughter, Victoria, who had come to deliver a very fine present from Fr Brendan Quirk, his parish priest at Rockville, Sydney.  Fr Brendan commissioned an artist to design and have cast a large very beautiful bronze panel of St. Mary MacKillop for his church, which is dedicated to her, and had four unique smaller copies cast in bronze. The photograph, taken by Victoria, is of John presenting me with the plaque on behalf of Fr Brendan. Being bronze, the plaque is extremely heavy and must have taken up a large amount of weight in John’s baggage! I am most grateful to Fr. Brendan for his beautiful gift which will always be treasured in the parish. Fr Brendan and his priest friend spent a fortnight with me at St. Margaret’s two years ago on  their visit to Scotland, and he managed to climb Ben Nevis! John is employed by the Australian hierarchy and has the discerning task of  monitoring every person involved with children in parishes. We had a very pleasant morning and I showed him the Mass stone, the old home at Cranachan, and we also paid a visit to Cille Choirill. Although there was a lot of rain, John and Victotria seemed to enjoy it as the temperature in Sydney when they left was 40 degrees! He was deeply impressed by it all because of its close connection with St. Mary of the Cross, and has gone home with lots of photographs.  Ann McKeown in Sydney, an exile from Fort William, reads the Bulletin every Sunday morning (Saturday evening our time), and I am sure she will send a copy to Fr Brendan to let him know the plaque arrived safely and that it will be very much treasured. A beautiful scene of the Last Supper with the figures in relief.