Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday February 3rd. 2013 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Main Menu Roy Bridge shop withdrawn from market New plans for shop and café During the week, Raymond Weir broke the good news to villagers that his son Christopher and his partner, Claire, after careful thought proposed that they would be quite prepared  to take on the business and continue to run it,  with Christopher as manager and Claire to assist him. However, they would like to make some changes, the most important one being including a café in their plans for the new design of the shop. Raymond and Lorna were delighted at Christopher and Claire’s offer, and readily agreed   to their suggestion. The young couple have now taken on the new management, and I am sure we all wish them well and every blessing for a successful future. The plans are quite exciting, for it means the shop will be retained on a smaller scale, the interior remodelled which will also provide the village with a café, something that people have dreamed of where they can pop in for a cup of tea or coffee at any time of the day, and can even have a small snack should they wish.  Two toilets, with facilities for the handicapped, will be provided for customers, and will also be made available to the public, something which has been severely lacking in the village over the years.     The most important factor now is obtaining the necessary planning as speedily as possible so that work can get started almost immediately to ensure that the new business will be ready to open in good time for the beginning of the tourist season.     Christopher had already been in contact with the planning department and he is assured that his plans will receive a sympathetic reception, and that they will be given every encouragement because of the vital importance the shop is to  the village, especially now that it will have the addition of a café and toilets. The planning department will be very much aware that this is a  life-line thrown to the village, for there was great anxiety among the older people and pensioners what would happened to them if the shop closed as many did not have cars to shop in nearby Spean Bridge.  There is a great feeling of relief, now that the future of the shop is secure.    Christopher was in partnership in a  small joinery business, but because of the financial restrictions, which are so prevalent at the moment and from which many businesses are suffering, he decided to accept his father’s offer to join him in the shop. He has now obviously decided to make this his future, and already he is very popular in the village because of his kindness and the warmth of welcome to the customers. The joinery work will be done by Christopher himself, and he can have every confidence that with Claire and himself working in harmony, the shop will prosper.    This is a wonderful start to the new year for the village, and I know that the people will give the new business every support. I am sure in time it will become a favourite meeting place to have a chat  over a cup of tea and to enjoy Lorna’s  delicious cakes and patisseries. Page 5