Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday February 24th. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu Weekday Mass—try to come along when you are free In the sacrifice of the Mass, Our Lord continues to offer himself to his Father on our behalf.  The bread and wine is our gift to God, perhaps very common and very ordinary, but by the power of the priesthood our gifts becomes the very living body and blood fo Christ. We offer to God our Father the greatest gift we can present to him, and he in return he also presents us with a gift, that of his own Son to be the very food of our souls. How wonderful the Mass is! First Holy Communion Day in our parish Eight of our children will make their First Holy Communion today. It is truly a great day in their young lives, and we pray that, with the example and encouragement of their parents, they will come to Mass each Sunday to receive our Lord and grow in their love of him. This sacrament is the priceless gift given to us by Our Lord to show his deep personal love for each of us that he might come and dwell in the intimacy of our souls.. I ask our parishioners to remember these children in their prayers that God may bless them with his many graces. First Communicants Girls: Aimé Campbell  Stephanie Spiers     Boys: Fergus Berardelli, Joshua Campbell,              Evan MacDonald, Alasdair Poll,                Cameron Whyte and Darren Whyte Stations of the Cross during Lent One of the beautiful, and very rewarding, spiritual exercises during Lent are the Stations of the Cross. We follow Christ from  the hall of Pilate, where he was unjustly condemned to death, through the streets of Jerusalem to the hill of Calvary where he was crucified. The great saints tell us that there is no better, or quicker, way, to grow in holiness than to have devotion to the Passion of Christ, for there we see the humility of God and the depth of his love for us. It encourages to return love for love and realise fully the horror of sin. Stations of the Cross St. Margaret’s: Sunday evenings 6 p.m.   Wednesday evenings  7.30 p.m. followed by Mass St. Joseph's:  Tuesday mornings 9.45 a.m. followed by Mass.                         Please try to include the Stations of the Cross as part of your Lenten prayers.