Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday February 24th. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu Pope Benedict retires on Thursday, the last day of February ndeed, Thursday will be a  sad day for the Church, and  for Catholics the world over  who have come to love the Holy  Father for his gentleness, his  holiness and his wonderful  intellect and how he used it to  explain the truths of the Church’s  doctrine with a simplicity that  everyone understood .  We will never forget his visit to  Britain, and how he carried it out  with such dignity and warmth that  won the hearts of the people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.   His magnificent address in Westminster Hall before 1,000 VIPs, received  a standing ovation for the honest and sympathetic way in  which he  explained the Church’s wish to have dialogue between faith and science,  and that we could learn for me each other.  His years as Shepherd of the Flock have had a deep effect on the Church,  and he constantly wanted us to focus  our entire life on Christ   He had great anxiety about the moral state of Europe,   which seems to  have sold its soul to the pagan doctrines of humanism and relativism, both   of which  encourage mankind to ignore God and make their own laws.    Already our own  country has become morally bankrupt with its liberal  laws on abortion, same-sex marriages, divorce and now striving to have   euthanasia accepted. There is a break-down in family life, and the recent  statistics show that more children in Scotland are born out of wedlock  than from married parents.  We pray that God may grant Pope Benedict in his retirement,  renewed  health and strength after the immense strain as Shepherd of the flock  which seriously affected his health. According to some reports, because  of his high blood pressure, he may have lost the sight of one of his eyes,  and his doctors have warned him that he was not to fly ever again on any  long journey’s to safeguard his sight.  May Pope Benedict, or Cardinal Ratzinger as he will be called in the  future, find the peace and tranquillity he has so longed for, and have  plenty of time for praying, reading and writing. Ad multos annos  The conclave to elect a new Pope should start shortly after his retiring  from the office.. May the Holy Spirit inspire the Cardinals to give us a  great successor to Pope Benedict.  Fr James Profit S.J   Sister Helen Cameron sent me an email some months ago asking for a copy of the booklet on Fr. Alexander Cameron S.J, and since then we have exchanged lots of emails since. Sister Helen is a prolific email writer and can touch type, so that puts her in a league on her own with which I can’t compete!  I have come to know a lot about her, her religious order and the school at Guelph where she still teaches. Her emails are always so interesting and full of  lots information about herself, her friends and the wild Canadian winters. One of her special friends is a Jesuit priest, Fr James Profit, S.J.,  who comes from a farming background, and is trained in agriculture (B. Sc.Agr.), rural sociology (M. A.) and theology (M. Div., STM). Fr. Profit is the Coordinator and Founder of the Ecology Project. He has led retreats and workshops on everything from agriculture to climate change to the greening of the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius to groups in Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean and Europe. Sadly, Fr Profit has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and has been receiving chemotherapy and various treatments for some time. I quote a recent email he sent to his friends: Last Sunday, we had a prayer service at St. Brigid’s Villa. It was a beautiful service, and a time for me to humbly depend on God and on others. People from various walks of my life attended. It was a beautiful sunny day after a storm which brought much snow. The service was very heart-warming. Since last writing, I have had two treatments. The first treatment was an all day one on Thursday, Feb 7. The second one was a much shorter one, and occurred this past Thursday. I had been on a steroid until Sunday, which meant that I was relatively good until Monday. Then, I lost energy. These last days of the week have been difficult, feeling weak and tired. I did not venture outside much at all except for medical appointments. I seem to be getting better now, so I will likely improve daily until my next treatment scheduled for February 28. .The good news is that the ulcers seem to be responding to the treatment. This is a great relief, and with such news anything can be endured! I promised Fr Profit that I will ask our parishioners to pray to St. Mary MacKillop that through her intercession  God may grant him renewed health and strength to continue in his active priesthood and in the important work he does for ecology. Please remember this good Jesuit priest in your payers. There are novena leaflets to St. Mary  MacKillop at the back of the church.  Fr James is so grateful to know about our prayers for him.