Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday February 24th. 2013 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Main Menu 1.Prayer. Make and effort to spend some time in prayer every day. Read the bible or a spiritual book. Say your rosary 2.Mass. Try to come to Mass this week. Visit the Blessed Sacrament during the day and spend some time in Our Lord’s presence 3. Stations of the Cross. Come to Stations of the Cross on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Make your own private Stations during the day with booklets at the back of church 4. Fasting. Not easy, but this is the way saints used to grow in holiness by detaching themselves from the legitimate pleasures of the world. (Also helps you lose weight!) 5. Alms giving. Share some of your wealth with the poor.  Another way of detaching yourself from worldly ambitions.  Whatever little we have regarding money or goods, we are still rich in the eyes of the poor. This is a sure way of growing closer to Christ and understanding the true riches of his love.  Remember SCIAF and Mary’s Meals When I was hungry...when I was thirsty,,,when I was naked….when I was sick… when I was in prison. Whenever you did to the least.. ….   ………… do it to me. 6.  Marriage. Try to deepen the love in your marriage, your appreciation for each other. Remember the gift you made of yourselves at the altar on the day of your wedding. Pray together and, perhaps, introduce the family rosary at home The family that prays together, stays together. 7. Confession.  When were you last at confession? Come to confession during Lent, and try to keep up the practice by coming regularly to the sacrament. It is a wonderful way of growing in holiness and being aware of how much we need God’s grace in our lives to overcome our sins. The compassion of Christ awaits us all in this most consoling of the sacraments. A good confession can make such a difference to our lives and allows the grace of God to pour into our souls. The music of these words: Go in peace, your sins are forgiven! Seven Ways To Get The Most Out Of The Season Of Lent