Sunday February 17th. 2013 Charity registration No. SC002876   Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Main Menu Parish web site: Saint Mary MacKillop website: Weekly Bulletin On line: Parish priest: Fr. Tom Wynne. Tel/Fax: 01397-712238  Mobile: 07879297420  Don’t forget to collect your Wee Box as you leave the church today. Put the Wee Box in a prominent place in your home, and it will always be a reminder to put in any spare change you may have, or, perhaps, use it for your more generous Lenten alms. If you give up some item of pleasure for Lent, then it would be a lovely gesture to put the money you would normally spend on it into the Wee Box. This will help SCIAF to support schools, clinics, supply drugs to fight tropical diseases, pregnant mothers, babies, clean water etc. At the end of Lent, it would be appreciated if all the various coins could be converted into notes or pound coins to make it easier for the counting. May God bless all your efforts for the poor of the Third World. Year of Faith and the Rosary Last October at the opening of the Year of Faith, the Holy Father announced the launch of a Global Campaign of Prayer centered on the Mission Rosary. The Campaign is being coordinated by the Pontifical Mission Societies throughout the world and is aimed at encouraging the baptised throughout the world to join in the work of evangelisation. To rediscover and deepen the faith, Scotland's parishes and Catholic schools will start the New Year under a cascade of Rosaries as the Church launches a new initiative for the Year of Faith. The Rosary Campaign for the New Evangelisation is an initiative of Mission Matters (the new name for Mission). The idea is twofold, both to help people rediscover the traditional Marian prayer during the Year of Faith and to re-establish the custom of praying for missionaries in families, parishes and schools. The Holy Father reminds us that the Church exists to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the world and that every baptised person has a duty to be missionary. This Prayer Campaign is intended to be part of a worldwide rebirth of missionary awareness and prayer for the Missions.  An initial batch of coloured rosaries, with an accompanying leaflet, has been sent out to all the schools and parishes with suggestions for remembering the missions in prayer. The rosary is being offered free of charge, and extra can be obtained, but any voluntary contribution to meet costs will be appreciated. . Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland said: "The project of the new Evangelisation begins in prayer and is carried through with the protection and intercession of Our Lady. So this new Rosary Campaign fits the bill perfectly, encouraging families and schools to rediscover the great prayer of the Rosary, and opening minds and hearts to the work of missionaries overseas. The Bishops are delighted to support it as a real fruit of the Year of Faith Weekday Mass during Lent We are fortunate in our parish to have daily Mass during the week. Mass is the greatest prayer we can offer to God. Why not include a weekday Mass as part of your Lenten devotions?  It will bring you many graces and a greater love of the Mass. A new grandchild for Tony and Margaret Sargent! Nicolas and Helen were blessed on February 4h with a beautiful 8lbs boy, Edan Daryn Anthony Sargent, to the joy of all the extended family. His first two names are of Celtic origin, and, of course, his third name is after his grandfather, Tony. Both baby and mother are doing well, and we may have joy of seeing them at Easter as they are hoping to make the journey north from Cambridgeshire, where they live. We wish Nicolas and Helen every blessing happiness with their new baby son.  Nicolas is very good photographer and sent the photo of Edan for the Bulletin.