Sunday February 10th. 2013 Charity registration No. SC002876   Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Main Menu Spean Bridge : Reader: David MacFarlane Prayers Lindsay Simpson Euch. Mins. Liz Campbell, Moira Coutts Roy Bridge: Readers: Ishbel Campbell Margaret Sargent Prayers: Rory MacDonald, Euch Mins: Ann MacKintosh, Nilda Hawke, Colleen Porter Rota February 16th. – February17th. St. Valentine's Day St. Valentine’s Day is always an important one for young people, especially those hoping to find a partner for life. It is with great anticipation that many young people will await the arrival of the post on Thursday morning! Who was St. Valentine? Valentine was a Catholic priest who lived in Rome during the third century, at the time when Claudius was emperor.  Claudius was not popular with his subjects, especially the young men in the army.  He wanted a large army, and he expected all the men to be enthusiastic and volunteer. Many did not want to fight in wars, for it meant leaving their wives and families, also the danger of being killed, and refused to sign up. This made Claudius furious, and he ruled that all men who were  not married had to enrol in the army, and he also ruled that marriages were forbidden.  Young people resented this for it was cruel and unjust, and they were unwilling to support the emperor’s law. Valentine was very concerned, and secretly made himself available to marry young couples.  The marriages usually took place during the night.  One can imagine a small candlelit room with only the bride and groom and himself.  Their vows were whispered while listening for the steps of soldiers outside. One night, the couple he was marrying just managed to escape in  time,but Valentine was caught and thrown into jail, and told that his punishment was death for defying the emperor’s orders. He devoted himself to prayer, and the legend says that Our Lady appeared to him in his prison cell. Wonderful things happened.  Many young people came to the jail to visit him They threw flowers and notes up to his window.  They wanted him to know how much they appreciated what he did for them, and that they believed very much in love. One of these young people was the daughter of the prison guard.  Her father allowed her to visit Valentine in his cell.  Sometimes she would sit and talk to the saint for hours.  She assured him that he had done the right thing by ignoring the emperor’s orders and going ahead with the secret marriages. On the day he was to die, he left the jailer’s daughter a little note thanking her for her friendship and loyalty, and signed it - with love from Valentine This note started the custom of exchanging love messages on Valentine's Day. I t was written on the day he died, February 14, 269 AD.  Now, every year on this day, people remember the importance of true love and friendship. What the emperor Claudius tried to destroy only made people more insistent that nothing should ever stand in theway of true love, for in the  end love conquers all things! Catholic Education Week - annual collection The Church has its own education offices in Glasgow, and it is the task of the director and staff to ensure that the highest standard of religious instructions are maintained in our Catholic schools. They do excellent work  for all the Catholic primary and secondary schools, and recently produced a very important  catechitical work book for teachers that covers the main teachings of the  Church in a very attractive manner. We hope that  in time that they will make arrangements that the rural non-denominational schools are also included so that our catechists and children will benefit from their professional help and advice. There will be a second collection next weekend to support the work of the education centre. Anniversaries We remember in our prayers at mass this weekend those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Ian Wynne, Fr Tom’s brother,  for whom Mass was said last Tuesday, Angus MacDonald , for whom the vigil Mass was said on Saturday, and Flora Cameron, for whom Mass will be said on Monday. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord… I am grateful to all our parishioners who have already renewed their subscriptions. There are still envelopes at the back of the church should you wish to become a member. Your generosity is such a wonderful support to help keep our churches nice and warm!