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Sunday December 29th. 2013
Next Sunday, Justice and Peace — feast of the Epiphany  - Special Collection Next Sunday, there is a letter from retired Bishop Peter Moran, national President of Justice and Peace in Scotland, which will appear in the Bulletin, and it is a reminder to us of the struggle that must continue in the world to seek justice for refugees, especially in the Middle East and Africa, who are deprived of their human rights. We must also pray and strive by every means possible, especially by trying to influence our political leaders,  to seek peace in the world so that people can live in harmony. and that world resources can be shared equally so that no children die of hunger or thirst. The many Justice and Peace groups in parishes throughout  the world were encouraged by Pope John Paul 11 to unite themselves in prayer and social action to bring their power to bear on politicians and world leaders to have a sense of priority for the well-being of humanity, and to make this the heart of all their deliberations. The special collection will go to support our hierarchy’s involvement in their efforts to bring the peace of Christ to the world.
Some New Year suggestions for 2014
The beginning of another year is always an opportunity to make new resolutions that will benefit your health, your family and your life in general. The frailty of human nature is all too obvious as the year advances—the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak—and we can soon get back to our old ways so easily! Usually, after all the Christmas and New Year festivities, first on the agenda is to lose weight, followed closely by exercise. To persevere with these two can bring about a great change in your life, and bring you renewed health and vitality. Once you see the pounds coming off, and you feel more active, it is an encouragement to keep going and not to give in, for you know that your general health is improving, and you will probably sleep better. Quit smoking. The medical profession is becoming ever more insistent of the ill effects of smoking on a person’s health. The latest article in The Times states that every puff has a genetic effect on the person’s body, and is one of the principal causes of lung cancer. If expectant mothers smoke, then they are warned of the serious damage this could cause to their unborn child The old Latin phrase Mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body a lot of wisdom. Like our body, our mind also needs exercise, and this can immensely enhance our knowledge and interest. Less television and more reading. Using the winter months to study a particular subject, or try to learn a new language—French, Italian or Spanish -so that when you go on holiday you may surprise your self—and others There are variety of courses at the Highland College at An Aird which may be of special interest to you.
Our soul: Our soul also needs exercise for it is an important part of our person. God made us with both a soul and a body. The answer to the old catechism question is so wise: Of which must I take more care, my body or my soul? I must take more care of my soul for it is immortal What resolutions should I take regarding my soul Prayer: The saints tell us that prayer is the very air that the soul breathes. The only way to truly know God intimately is to spend some time in prayer each day. It need not be long, but it should be regular and faithful. Spiritual Reading: Every home should have a Bible, and  it would be a great spiritual benefit to become more familiar with the Gospels, the letters of the Apostles and the Old Testament. There are some lovely stories in the Old Testament. Sacraments: People go to confession so infrequently nowadays, and they are missing out on special graces that God gives us in this sacrament to overcome or own weaknesses. If we go frequently to this sacrament of reconciliation, it also means that we will also examine our conscience regularly and be more aware to avoid sin in our lives. The Eucharist:This is the beating heart of the Catholic Church, andthe quickest way to holiness, for in this sacrament we come to know and love our Lord in a very intimate way. We should try to make our communions with deeper faith, and perhaps find time to visit the Blessed Sacrament during the day.  Our Lady: Those who have a great love of Our Lady necessarily have a great love for her Son. Devotion to Mary should be an essentialpart of every Catholic’s spiritual life, especially the daily rosary, which takes only about twelve minutes to say. Mens sana in corpore sano -  healthy mind in a healthy body. Well balanced resolutions With well balanced resolutions for the good of our soul and our body, then the year ahead can bring us great spiritual and bodily health and happiness. Go for it!