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Sunday December 29th. 2013
Sunday is the feast of the Holy Family
  New Year’s Day - Mary, Mother of God Mass at St. Margaret’s 10 a.m.  The Church dedicates the first day of the New Year to the Motherhood of Mary.She is truly the Mother of God-become-man, and since the earliest days, she has been called Mother of God. Never for a moment did sin enter Mary's soul. By a special dispensation of God, she was preserved from original sin. God prepared for himself a spotless dwelling where he could take on our flesh and become one like us in all things - but sin. The Church Council met at Ephesus in the year 431 to oppose the heretic, Nestorius, who claimed that Mary was only the mother of Christ, Christotokos, not the Mother of God, Theotokos. He was denounced by the Council who proclaimed Mary truly to be the Mother of God. That night excited people ran through the town of Ephesus with lighted torches shouting out joyfully Theotokos... Theotokos…. Surrounded by the Apostles, Mary breathed her last, and when she opened her eyes in heaven, she saw her Son in all his divine glory. She has been crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth. She is also our mother, given to us by Our Lord in his dying breath from the cross.
We can only try to imagine the depth and wonder of Mary's love for her child, knowing that he was also truly God. During the nine months she carried Christ in her womb, how intimate was her relationship with him. Her whole life was devoted to bringing him up, and she would suffer so much for him. There were the years of exile in Egypt to safeguard the child from Herod, and then a decision to settle in Nazareth, an area where Jesus wouldbe safe. These must have been happy years as Mary and Joseph watched the child grow into a youth and into manhood. The only mention of Jesus during this period was when he was twelve years old and was lost for three days and was finally found in the temple. Can you imagine the fear in Mary's heart that something terrible may have happened to Jesus, and then the joy and relief when he was found safe in the temple teaching the learned doctors. (We remember in prayers  at this time the McCanns whose daughter, Madeleine, was abducted four years ago while they were on holiday in Portugal)  Jesus would have learned the skill of a carpenter from Joseph, and as he became older, his work would have contributed to the
upkeep of the home. What an atmosphere of holiness would have been their home, living constantly in the presence of God. We know that Joseph died some time before Jesus began his public mission, and this must have been a great sorrow for Mary and Jesus. The gospels tell us that Jesus cried at the death of his friend Lazarus; how much more sorrowful would he have been at the death of his foster-father, Joseph, whom he loved so much. Mary was left a widow, but the home was always there for Jesus when he wished to return with his disciples. We hear of Mary occasionally after this, especially at the wedding feast at Canna.Among the final tragic scenes in Mary's life is her presence at the foot of the cross, holdingher crucified son in her arms. There is little doubt that, on the morning of the resurrection, Jesus wouldhave appeared first to his mother to assure her that he was truly risen from the dead, and the pain and agony were now changed to intense joy. Jesus. Mary and Joseph protect and bless all our families