Charity registration No. SC002876  
Sunday December 22nd. 2013
Janet Jones R.I.P The long  struggle has ended. A YEAR last August, Janet was diagnosed with cancer, and her delayed treatment required surgery, which was the beginning of several operations to drain the tumour.  She suffered considerably and had to return to hospital several times to try to prevent the cancerous cells from spreading.  Unfortunately, the medical interventions were not successful, and the prognosis for the future was not good.   Janet was an incredibly brave person and immensely cheerful, and despite the frequent return visits to the hospital for treatment, she remained cheerful as ever and never lost hope despite her sufferings She had two lovely sons, Logan 9 and Charlie 2, and they were the pride of her life, and it was her love for them that gave her the determination to fight the disease as long as she could for their benefit and also to comfort their father.  She was allowed home for periods, but as the cancer spread, she had to return for extra treatments until finally it was decided she would better in a hospice where she would receive palliative care.  She was unhappy and wanted home, and her request was granted, Finally, she was taken to another hospice, and it became obvious that her condition was deteriorating rapidly.  After a visit from the priest to give her all the sacraments, she passed gently and peacefully into the arms of Christ who was waiting to receive her soul on Monday morning.  She brought into heaven with her all the long months of suffering which she accepted and bore so courageously, and for this she would be graciously rewarded by Christ who knew what intense suffering was in his own short life, especially as he made his way to Calvary. Janet was just 40 years of age when she died.   She started her training at St.  Andrew’s College, Notre Dame, to be a primary school teacher, and graduated with honours in 1994 after four years study.  Her first posting was to St.  Columba's, Lochyside, where she was very happy and was greatly loved by both staff and pupils.  She had an adventurous spirt and was successful in her application to teach for a short period at Atlantic City, New Jersey, and spent eighteen months there.  It gave her parents, Ken and Tina, the opportunity to go out to the States to visit her.  Because of her excellent degrees, she obtained work very easily when she returned home, and taught in Dundee for some time and finally she moved to teach in Aberdeen. Her death at such an early age has caused great grief among her family, relations and many friends, and there was a special Mass in St.  Columbia's School, Lochyside,  on Friday where she had been a member of staff.  The 11.30 a.m.  Mass this Sunday will be said for the repose of Janet’s gentle soul, and also to ask God to give her dear parents, Ken and Tina, who have been so devoted to Janet throughout her illness, making regular trips to Aberdeen to comfort and support her in her illness; and also to her sister and brother, Catherine and Kenneth.  Catherine, who lectures to the medical profession on palliative care, was a great support to Janet throughout her illness despite having become a victim too cancer herself, and remained at her bed side, when the end was near, through the long hours of the night until God called her to himself .At this time of year, when so many are filled with the joy and happiness of Christmas, some people have an immense burden of sorrow to carry with the loss of a loved one. Janet’s funeral will take place at Westhill Crematorium next Friday, December 27th at 1.20 p.m.  Fr Peter Barry, who was formerly the chaplain at Raigmore, and is known to the family, and has now a parish at Cults, Aberdeen, will conduct the funeral service.   As our parishioners know, Janet was prayed for at all the weekend Masses for many weeks, and I know God would grant her strength from these prayers and Masses.  I will also say Mass for Janet, and for all her loved ones, on the morning of her burial.   May her gentle, good soul rest in peace.