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Sunday December 22nd. 2013
Spean Bridge: Reader: Margaret Muncie Prayers:  Liz Campbell Euch Mins: Moira Coutts, David MacFarlane.
Roy Bridge: Readers:  Ishbel Campbell Richard Sidgwick Prayers: Rory MacDonald Euch Mins; Lorna MacGregor, Nilda Hawke Colleen Porter
Rota December 28th. – December 29th.
Christmas — and all Christmases
hristmas offers us all an opportunity to recapture something of our childhood sacred memories. There is timelessness about gazing into the crib and coming face to face with the truth that God came down from heaven and dwelt among us as a helpless babe. The gospel story is beautiful in its simplicity, and we hear it read out with joy each Christmas — the town of Bethlehem, the starry night, the shepherds in the fields… and the birth of the baby in a stable, who is truly the Son of God become man for us. It is more than just a lovely story, it is about a birth that brings heaven right down to earth. The Christmas carol, Love came down at Christmas, reminds us that God broke the barrier between mankind and Himself. There was nothing romantic about the first Christmas. It was a hard and bitter experience for Joseph and Mary,doors were shut and there was no welcome. They were the picture of poverty with neither room nor lodgings, forced to shelter in a stable outside the town, where animals gave up their manger for the Child . The message is quite clear from the very beginning that, the love of God is for all, but especially the poor, the weak, the disadvantaged and the sinner. The stable inspires us to see grace and goodness in the most deprived of people and the most abject circumstances. Christmas is so important and gives us the privilege to welcome Christ as he comes to us into the world in humility, in the wonderful innocence of a babe. In his humanity, he reveals the value and dignity of every person. Everyone, without exception, is  loved by God. May this thought remain with us throughout the year.
Sympathy We offer our sincere sympathy to Robert and Michael Langan and their erspective families, whose sister, Rosie MacTaggart, died suddenly last week.  The requiem Mass will be in St. Mary’s on Monday at 10.15 a.m Also to the family and relations of Kenneth Duffy, Linlithgow, who died last week, and whose funeral was on Friday. May God grant these families and their relations his special graces and comfort in the loss of their loved one, especially at this time of the year, which makes things more difficult when the emphasis is on rejoicing. May our faith still allow us to rejoice spiritually that our loved ones are with God in heaven,  and they will have the best Christmas ever in the presence of the Holy Family.  Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord
Our Christmas trees Each year, Robert Langan makes a gift of two beautiful Christmas trees, one for St. Margaret’s and the other for St. Joseph's. He cuts them specially from his private forest, and chooses the best for the church. I wish to thank Robert for his annual kindness and for delivering the trees in good time for the Christmas play and also for the last Sunday of Advent to help put our parishioners in the Christmas spirit. My grateful thanks also to Charlie Toal for erecting the crib and tree in  St. Margaret's, and to Donnie Kennedy for transporting the tree to Spean Bridge, and helping to erect it along with David MacFarlane who set out the crib and decorated the tree so beautifully. Each Christmas, Roddy Campbell very kindly allows Huntly Cameron, one his joiners, to put up the crib for us in St. Joseph's. At one time, the crib, which was built by parishioners, was too large, but Huntly very cleverly reduced it in size, and he has the expertise of erecting it very quickly. We refer to the crib as one of Campbell’s Homes!