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Sunday December 15th. 2013
Third Sunday of Advent Christmas is only ten  days away, and lights are appearing on Christmas trees in towns and villages, and many homes are beautifully adorned with all types of fairy lights. Christmas is indeed  the feast of Light, for Christ was the true Light that came in to the world to lighten up our darkness. The prophet Isaias foretold this: The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light. The rose-coloured candle in the advent wreath is lit today, and the Church is saying to us: Have a rest from all your sincere preparations for Christmas. The purple candles are a symbol of the prayer and sacrifices we should be making to place less  emphasis on material things to allow us more space to recall God’s love for us by sending his Son. Try to make a special effort during the final ten days of advent that remain to give our Lord a special welcome in your soul on Christmas morning.
Lochaber Music School’s Christmas Concert today at 3 p.m. in St. Margaret's Do come along this afternoon and enjoy the true spirit of Christmas with the children from Lochaber Music School. As well as lots of lovely music, there will be ample opportunity for us all to join in the carol singing led by the orchestra. Hot drinks, mince pies and cakes will be served in the hall afterwards.  Do come and join us and support the children of Lochaber Music School.
Our Sick We commend our sick to the Child in the manger that he may bless and assure them of his presence with them to bring them his many graces. We remember especially Ann MacKintosh and Janet Jones and their respective families that God may bring them comfort and hope this Christmastide, Christmas is a time so full of emotion when we recall former days when we were fit and well and rejoiced in the holy season. May God also bless our housebound with renewed health and strength, Sarah MacDonald, Molly Toal, Etta Campbell, Marion MacRae, Christina Hall and Polly MacInnes.
Winter Solstice, Saturday,  December 21st Next Saturday is the shortest day and the longest night - and then the  sun, ever so slowly, starts moving back north, so it means we are heading in the right direction for summer — although,  perhaps the worst of the winter is yet to come! The word solstice comes from the Latin words for "sun" and "to stand still.” In the Northern Hemisphere, as summer advances to winter, the points on the horizon where the Sun rises and sets advance southward each day, and the reverse on, or around, the 21st December, when the sun, thankfully,  starts moving northwards again. 
Fr Stan just  before he left St. Mary's for his ordination in Oban    photo Anthony MacMillan