Charity registration No. SC002876  
Sunday December 1st. 2013
         Ordination of Rev Stanislaw Jan Pamula     Thursday, December 5th. St. Columba’s Cathedral, Oban at 6 p.m. The long-awaited day will arrive on Thursday when Deacon Stanislaw will be ordained a priest by Bishop Toal in St. Columba’s Cathedral. It is wonderful news for the diocese that we will have a young Polish priest to serve the needs of our people, and who will also be able to attend to the  spiritual needs of the many Polish families living in the diocese. Stanislaw’s parents and members of his family will arrive in Fort William on Tuesday, and Thursday will be a day that will make them so proud to see their son raised to the  altar of the priesthood. Stanislaw invites everyone in the Lochaber parishes to come to Oban and share in the joy of his priesthood. He has served for two years in St. Mary's, and has endeared himself to all the parishioners. He will return to Gdansk, his home parish, on Friday, accompanied by Bishop Toal,  a large number of fellow diocesan priests who will concelebrate with him, and members of St. Mary's parish who will also be present for his first Mass  in St. Albert's Church, Gdansk,  on Sunday, December 8th, feast of the Immaculate Conception. I ask you to keep Stanislaw very specially in your prayers. He will remain in Gdansk until after New Year, when he will return to the  diocese to await his appointment to a parish. May God bless him and the angels protect him. 
St. Albert’s
The Holy Season of Advent Please take time to read this On this first Sunday of Advent, the Church invites us to embark on a great journey - the journey of the Liturgical Year, when we set out to follow in the footsteps of Christ. In the course of the year, the whole of his life and teaching will pass before us. We will re-visit all the mysteries of Our Lord’s time on earth: from the longing of the people for the Messiah (Advent), to his birth, his life, death, resurrection, ascension into heaven, and his sending of the Holy Spirit. In the course of the year we will relive his whole story. We have heard the story many times and the danger is that we may just take it for granted!. We must try and see it as new,  present and alive. It's not like playing an old video. The celebration of each feast brings back the event in its original clarity and vitality, never allowing it to grow cold and lifeless or fade into oblivion. Our involvement Besides, we are not spectators but actors in all of this. The mysteries of Christ's life are represented in such a way that we are drawn into them, and become participants in them. That makes it more demanding, but more enriching and exciting too. God is not just a God of the past, but of the present and the future. Each year we should try to understand more deeply the life of Christ, and make it more our own. In hearing his story we ought to
hear the story of our  own life on this earth too. Our stories merge with his and are illuminated by it. His life enables us live our own life more fully and more joyfully. Renewing the story of Our Lord’s life—and our own Even though we've made the journey each year, we must try to embark on it today as if for the very first time. This first Sunday of Advent is a God-given chance to make a new beginning in our following of Christ. The coming of Christ Today the readings concentrate on the second coming of Christ and the end of the world. The reason for this is that before we commit ourselves to a journey we need to know the goal of our journey. So on this day the liturgy directs our eyes towards the goal of our own journey and that of the world, namely, the second coming of Christ. For us, that will when he calls us personally into his own presence. The end of time The early Christians believed that the Second Coming was near, and would be preceded by drastic signs in the universe. We are not so sure about that. All the false prophets speak of the end as a time of gloom and doom. But Jesus spoke of it as a day of liberation and salvation for his followers. The world is not heading for catastrophe or mere ending. God has a goal for the world. That goal is the coming of God's Kingdom in all its glory.   The whole of life is an Advent The whole of our life is an Advent as we prepare to meet our Lord when he calls us into his presence. We should not be afraid of the Lord's coming, but await it with confidence, vigilance and prayer, for he is our gentle, humble and  compassionate Saviour