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Sunday August 25th. 2013
Spean Bridge: Reader: Lindsay Simpson Prayers: Liz Campbell Euch. Mins: David MacFarlane, Moira Coutts
Roy Bridge: Readers: Richard Sidgwick,  Lorna MacGregor Prayers: Helena Rose Euch Mins: Catrina MacDonald, Mgt. Sargent, Rory MacDonald
Rota August 31st. – September 1st.
MARY, the mother of Jesus and of the Church, is already in glory in heaven, but at the same time is always with the Church and helps it face the trials of the devil. The Church on earth continues to live through "the trials and challenges which the conflict between God and the evil one, the perennial enemy brings", the Pope said in his homily at a Mass for the feast of the Assumption of Mary. The Pope celebrated the Mass in the main square of Castel Gandolfo, a small town south of Rome where previious popes have spent the summer. An estimated 12,000 people were gathered in the square and the main street for the Mass. Commenting on the Mass readings, Pope Francis said the passage from the 11th. chapter of the Book of Revelation describing a woman in labour and a dragon waiting to devour the newborn child - represents the Church "glorious and triumphant and yet, on the  other hand, still in travail". But as the followers of Jesus continue to face temptation and problems, Mary remains at their side, just as she remained with the apostles during her earthly life. “She has, of course, already entered, once and for all, into heavenly glory," the Pope said. "But this does not mean that she is distant or detached from us; rather
Mary accompanies us, struggles with us, sustains Christians in their fight against the forces of evil. Pope Francis told the crowd that praying the rosary and meditating on the events of the suffering and joy in the life of Mary and Jesus can give them the strength they need to continue "the battle against the evil one and his accomplices". "Do you pray the Rosary every day?" he asked. The crowd shouted "yes" and he replied: "Really?" The Pope encouraged people to pray with Mary and to trust her as "our Mother, our representative, our sister, the first believer to arrive in heaven". He said the Magnificat was Mary's response to the Angel Gabriel: "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord ... " from Luke's Gospel, and is a song of hope, a song sung by "many saints", including "mums, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, missionaries, priests, sisters, young people, even children, who have faced the struggle of life" with the firm  hope of the victory of the Resurrection, "the victory of love".              From the Catholic Herald
 Pope Francis says “Our Lady is always near us” Below is an extract of his sermon and his contact with the crowd on  the feast of the Assumption
An early family photo of the Bergoglio family and a future Pope. Fr Jorge Mario standing with his brothers and sisters behind his parents.