Charity registration No. SC002876  
Sunday April 21st. 2013
Spean Bridge Reader: Alison MacIntosh Prayers: Faith MacIntosh Euch. Mins: Moira Coutts  Liz Campbell
Roy Bridge Readers: Richard Sidgwick,  Lorna MacGregor Prayers: Ishbel Campbell Euch Mins: Ann MacKintosh, Catrina MacDonald, Margaret Sargent.
Rota April 27th. – April 28th.
 Mass at Cille Choirill in a  fortnight’s time, May 5th at 3 p.m. The first Mass of this year at Cille Choirill will be in a fortnight’s time, and I would be grateful if parishioners would let their relations and friends know who live at a distance. I will ask the priests in the neighbouring  the parishes to announce the Mass, as there are always a good number form the surrounding area who faithfully come to the Cycle Choirill  Sunday Masses, many who have dear ones at rest in the cemetery. It is always such a comfort for relatives to visit Cille Choirill and at any time, and to see how beautifully maintained it is kept, and also to stop in the church to say their prayers. There is no doubt that wherever the Celtic saints have founded a cell or church that they left a peace that is quite discernable. The French director of the film in which Cille Choirill appeared at the beginning, mentioned to me how he found a very special atmosphere at Cille Choirill.  I explained to him about the legacy left by the Celtic monks which is an enduring peace in a world that is being slowly stifled by consumerism and so much activity.
Weekend Masses Saturday Vigil Mass: St Joseph's, Spean Bridge at  6.30 p.m., Sunday Masses: St. Finnan’s, Invergarry at 9.15 a.m.                             St. Margaret’s  Roy Bridge at 11.30 a.m. Weekday Masses Roy Bridge: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m.                             Spean Bridge: Tuesday and Thursday 10 a.m. Parish Bulletin: There will be a basket at the door next Sunday for anyone who wishes to support the new coloured Bulletin. It certainly looks very attractive in its new colours, and the extra expense is worth it .
Welcome to the hares—our annual visitors.   It is good to see the hares back in the church grounds again. They seem to enjoy scampering around the lawns and they have the protection of the hedges from any marauders. We have also had some unwelcome visitors, as half-a dozen sheep have persisted in attempting to take up permanent residence at the back of the church. The area has also become a maternity ward, as I noticed they now have several lambs! The gardens along the Mulroy road also receive regular visits. We think we have identified the owner.
Standard Grades and Highers begin this week Some of our young parishioners will be sitting their Standard Grade and Higher exams which begin this week and last over a period of 4-6 weeks. We will remember them very specially in our prayers that the Holy Spirit may guide them and help them to recall to mind all that they have studied over the past years.  It is an important time for them, as these exams may very well decide their future.  St. Mary MacKillop, pray for them Roy Bridge Stores The work is progressing smoothly in the proposed café at the same time as continuing successfully to run the shop. The kitchen was being fitted this week, and the toilets have been installed, so the work is getting to an advanced state. We all look forward to the grand opening in the near future. The new combination of shop and café should be a great success in the village. We wish the family well in their great endevour for the community.