Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday April 14th. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu Spean Bridge Reader: Margaret Muncie Prayers: Liz Campbell Euch. Mins: Moira Coutts, David MacFarlane Roy Bridge Readers Ishbel Campbell,  Margaret Sargent Prayers: Rory MacDonald Euch Mins:Ann MacIntosh,  Colleen Porter, Helen MacDonald Rota April 20th. – April 21st. Peter—the failure who became Christ’ chosen one (contd.) The scandal of the abuses which has taken place in the in so many countries caused Pope Benedict such intense pain, and indeed the whole Church suffered.   The Church has always been attacked down the centuries by exterior forces, but now it is being attacked from within by those who have entered the priesthood and betrayed the trust of their sacred orders and vocation.   Our Lord himself was let down so badly by the very ones he had chosen, and who dwelt in his company for three years, and in end deserted him.   None was worse than the one on whom he decided should take his place his death, Peter, who denied vehemently when questioned by the servant girl if was a follower of Christ, and protested that he was definitely not one of his companions.   When the cock crew, Peter went out and wept .   There is the lovely story, called Quo Vadis.    When Peter arrived in Rome, persecution was at its height.   It is said that Peter decided to leave Rome and seek refuge elsewhere, On his way out, he met Christ carrying his cross going into the city.   Peter asked him: “Quo vadis?”“Lord, where are you going?”to which Our Lord answered: “I am going to Rome in your place to be crucified again”Peter immediately turned round and went back into the city where he  preached the Gospel message with great courage and faith, and in the end was crucified.   May our prayers support Pope Francis during this Eastertide to ask God to purify his Church from those who have been sifted like wheat, as Peter was after the Last Supper.   May the Holy Spirit renew the Church this Pentecost with the immense power of his love and holiness, and comfort the innocent who suffered and whose lives may be blighted for ever. Peter, feed my lambs and feed my sheep” Anniversaries We remember in our prayers this weekend, those whose anniversaries occur about this time:  Alan Rodger, for whom Mass was said last week, Fr.  Andrew Campbell, (Saturday Vigil Mass), Donald MacDonald (Monday 10 a.m.)  John MacInnes (Wednesday 10 a.m.) and Chrissie MacKenzie (Thursday 10 a.m) Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord Second Collection - Peter’s Pence This was wrongly announced last week for Catholic Education.  It is in fact for Peter’s Pence,  and should have been taken up in February.  This collection  allows the Holy Father to assist people all over the world who need urgent help because of tragedies that have happened in their countries such as floods, earthquakes, famine, fleeing from terrorists etc.  It will give Pope Francis great joy to offer the help of the Church to his beloved poor and to those in distress. Great Concert: Lochaber Music for All  presents Iain MacFarlane and Ingrid Henderson at Kilmallie Hall, Corpach, this coming Thursday, April 18th, at 7.30p.m- and enjoyable night listening to talented musicians!