Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday April 14th. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu Pope Francis: “Women are privileged witnesses” WOMEN have a privileged role in the Church because of their ability to pass on the faith through love, Pope Francis has said.  "Women have had and still have a special role in opening doors to the Lord, in following him and communicating his face, because the eyes of faith always need the simple and profound look of love," the Pope told an estimated 50,000 people in St Peter's Square on Sunday.  "This is the mission of women, of mothers and women, to give witness to their children and grandchildren that Christ is risen," he said"Faith is professed with the mouth and heart, with the word and love." Commenting on the words, "rose again on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures" , the Pope noted that the New Testament gives women a "primary, fundamental role" as witnesses of Jesus Resurrection.  He cited the passage in Mark in which women find an empty tomb and an angel who tells them that Jesus is alive.  "Here we can see an argument in favour of the historical truth of the Resurrection," the Pope said.  "If it had been an invention, in the context of that time it would not have been linked to the testimony of women" , since the Jewish law of period did not consider women or children as "reliable, credible witnesses".  "This tells us that God does not choose according to human criteria," the Pope said.  "The first witnesses of the birth of Jesus are the shepherds, simple and humble people, and the first witnesses of the Resurrection are women."    Jesus' male Apostles and disciples "find it harder to believe in the risen Christ", the Pope said.  "Peter runs to the tomb, but stops before the empty tomb.  Thomas has to touch the wounds of the body of Jesus with his own hands."  By contrast, the "women are driven by love and they know to accept this proclamation of the Resurrection with faith", the Pope said.     "Let us also have the courage to go out to bring this joy and light to all the places of our lives," the Pope added, eliciting cheers from the crowd, as at several other moments in his talk.  "The Resurrection is our greatest certainty, it is our most precious treasure.   How can we not share this treasure, this beautiful certainty with others? Church notices With the introduction of extra postures last year in the new liturgy for Mass, it has become awkward having the notices read just before the blessing, for the congregation has stood for the communion prayer, then sits down for the short notices to be read, and then stands again for the final blessing. In future, any notices of importance  will be read after the prayers of intercession.  If there is nothing of importance, then there will be no need for notices for we all know the times of Mass, and these can be found each week in the Bulletin.  This should make the end of Mass a little easier with less movement. Apostles Creed—back to the Nicene Creed At the request of Pope Benedict, we have been using the Apostles Creed since the beginning of Lent.  It was the Holy Father's wish that we learn the Apostles Creed as it contains all the essential doctrines of our faith, and is easy to recite and remember.  From this Sunday onwards, we revert to the Nicene Creed which is printed in the Mass leaflets. I must congratulate our parishioners on how quickly they adapted to the new mass. Reception of Holy Communion—a reminder As we come to the altar to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion, we bow in adoration before the host, and if we receive the host in the palm of our hand, we immediately stand aside, and only then receive the host before going either to the chalice to receive Our Lord’s precious Blood, or returning to our place The women of Jerusalem comfort  our Lord on his way to his crucifixion Our sick We remember in our prayers Renée Cassis, Glen Spean Park, who has been in the Belford for the past few weeks that her health may improve.  Many of our parishioners ask about Polly MacInnes.  Polly is home and is making gradual progress, but we keep her very much in our prayers that she her health also may continue to improve.  May God bless them.