Sunday January 11th. 2009

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Area shocked as Spean Bridge Woollen Mill
is destroyed by fire
Area shocked as Spean Bridge Woollen Mill
is destroyed by fire
The communities of Spean Bridge and  Roy Bridge, and the whole of Lochaber, were shocked to hear the sad news that Spean Bridge Woollen Mill had been destroyed by fire. It was almost with disbelief that people came to witness the scene and  to find that the fire had ravaged the entire building and all its contents. The Woollen Mill has been so much part of Spean Bridge for generations and one could not even begin to consider its loss to the village.  Four fire engines and forty firemen attended the fire, and, thankfully, no one was injured, and the surrounding property was saved.
Police, who were patrolling the area at 2.30 a.m., raised the alarm when they saw smoke coming from the building, and the local fire brigade was quickly on the scene, and were assisted later by fire engines from the neighbouring communities.
I was speaking to Thomas MacDonald, the manager, who was on a week’s holiday, and was rudely awakened in the early hours at his home in Roy Bridge with the news that the Woollen Mill was on fire.  The Spean Bridge Woollen Mill has been the most successful of all the EWM shops, and a great deal of this is due to Thomas, as manager, and his dedicated staff. There has always been such a happy and welcoming atmosphere, and customers enjoyed the personal attention and cheerful help offered by all the members of the staff.                                      Continued on page 2
The height of the blaze in the early hours of Wednesday morning